Management Consultant
The Birchman Group
Berkshire RG, UK
3d ago

We are looking

for candidates who can demonstrate the following skills :

  • Strategic thinking and planning. The ability to see the big picture’ and problem-solve within a broad organisational context in a pragmatic way.
  • Program and project management of organisation-wide initiatives, ideally technology or digital transformation related.
  • Strong, adaptable communication. Our consultants should build relationships at both the executive level and day-to-day user level of our client organisations.
  • Capability to learn fast and change fast. The role of technology in organisations is shifting and the industry is ever-
  • changing, and our consultants will always need to remain a step ahead of the curve.

    You will also need to be motivated to contribute to the continued growth of Birchman whilst also focusing on client engagements.

    These are truly roles which you can shape into your own as the team grows. We are proud to be different from the Big Four consulting companies.

    Our approach focuses on understanding our clients’ needs and tailoring our advisory approach to derive maximum value for effort, rather than relying upon standard methodologies and toolkits.

    We trust and empower our consultants to be creative, solve business problems and deliver projects in their own style.

    If you are an experienced professional thinking of making a move into consultancy, or are a consultant looking to join a growing organisation with a more bespoke approach to client engagements, we would love to hear from you.

    The role is based in Nevada, USA. Candidates must be eligible to work in the USA. Please enclose a covering letter with your CV.

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